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How it works

Wikitinera is the first data bank of itineraries explicitly made up to show the Italian territory. The itineraries are conceived to guide you through the most interesting aspects of the territory where you are or intend to go, and they can also refer to specific themes (religious, historical or food&wine itineraries).

Each itinerary is set up as a route on Google maps, made of a series of points of interest (POI) related to the territory's features (hamlets, castles, churches, natural areas, museums, etc..). Each POI is geo-referenced and accompanied by both a description and a photo. You can visualize for free both the itineraries and the details of the related single points of interest.

An itinerary can include POI related to the local services (bed & breakfasts, restaurants, food and wine producers, etc..). These can also be consulted for free, and they have an attached description of the offered service and the information to contact the company. If you lead a Company and you want to know more, click on Promote your Company.


To find the itinerary of a specific area you can either directly search it on Google maps, or you can use the website's search engine, which you both find in the home page (not activated yet). If you choose the second option, a series of filters allows you to select the Region and the area which you are interested in, and the means of transportation you intend to use. If, after having visualized an itinerary in detail, you choose it, you can download for free the pdf where you will find the data you have seen online and the coordinates of the single POI to insert in your GPS navigation device. The pdf will be your offline guide during your journey.


Besides informing and guiding the traveller, Wikitinera can also be used to show and promote your own territory. The wiki function allows anyone, including local companies, to publish on the website itineraries conceived by the user himslef and structured according to his own desires and necessities: a special opportunity for those less-known territories which deserve anyway the attention of a potential traveller. If you want to know more, click on Create your itinerary.

Before accessing the other sections of the website you are asked to read carefully the related Terms and conditions.  



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